Sadek Shorbagi

Sadek obtained his B.Sc. in Neuroscience and M.A. in Cell and Systems Biology at University of Toronto. His primary research area involves investigating the role of French Immersion education on language and cognitive development. Of particular interest is the increase in demographics of children enrolled in French Immersion programs since initial research conducted 20-30 years ago, and how this increase will help inform evaluation protocols for bilingual education in Canada. He is also currently involved in a literature review of research that has been conducted on illiterate refugee/immigrant populations that are expected to achieve a standard of literacy and spoken second language acquisition. This will be in the hopes for a project that would study the difficulty associated with this task, and sheds light on the ongoing refugee crisis involving the displacement of many lives.


Master of Science, University of Toronto, 2016

Honors Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto, 2013