Upcoming Talks

May 2017

Dr. Bialystok - Biling. in Edu.: Implications for Biling. Edu. & Minority Lang. Students

Thursday May 4th - OISE, Toronto, Canada (more info here)

April 2017

Dr. Bialystok - Bilingualism as Thinking: The Cog. Challenges of Dual Language Use

Wednesday April 19th - Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany (more info here)

March 2017

Dr. Grundy - Domain-General Cog. Mechanisms Resulting from 2nd Lang. Experience

Friday March 31st - Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1:30pm, JOR 943)

Dr. Bialystok - Lifelong bilingualism: Reshaping mind & brain

Thursday March 16th - Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviva, Israel(more info here)

Dr. Anderson

Monday March 22 - McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (3:30pm, BSB 121)